Adorable Disney Halloween Finds On Etsy

Adorable Disney Halloween Finds On Etsy

Spooky season is here, and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is in full swing at Walt Disney World. This means Halloween is just around the corner. It's time for Mickey Pumpkins, Villains, and Hitchhiking Ghosts! So grab your coffee and your wallet and shop the Disney magic with these adorable Disney Halloween finds on Etsy!

Disney Halloween Accessories

Every Disney Girl needs some Disney Halloween Accessories. From hair bows to jewelry to nail art. There is something for everyone, even a Disney-themed trick or treat bag!

Disney Halloween T-Shirts

Every Disney Trip needs customizable shirts. My 14-year-old has hers planned for the rest of her life. They are great because you can even wear them after you get home. If you have a Cricut, you can even make your own using SVG files on Etsy. If you don't want to make you're own, we found some cute ones you can buy already made!

Disney Halloween Party

Having a Halloween Party this year? Why not at a little Disney fun and magic into the mix?

Disney Halloween At Home

I don't know about you, but little Disney touches throughout my house make me happy, and my heart smile, especially at Halloween!

Disney Halloween Minnie Ears

If you have been to Disney anytime in the last few years, you know that Minnie Ears are all the rage. They come in every theme and color imaginable, including custom ears. Etsy is full of beautiful and adorable custom Minnie ears. Here are a few of my favorites.

Now go shop and add some Disney Magic into your Halloween! 

125+ DIY Disney Halloween Treats Perfect For Your Next Halloween Party

125+ DIY Disney Halloween Treats Perfect For Your Next Halloween Party

It's Spooky Season!

It's time for Mickey Pumpkins and all things spooky and villain. It also means Halloween Parties – at school, at the dance, at home – everywhere practically.

This means you're going to need to make treats for those parties. If you can't be in your favorite place for Halloween, why not add a little Disney magic to your Halloween treats with these 20 Disney Halloween treats? You are perfect for your next Halloween Party!

Disney Halloween Cookies

If your kids are like mine, they love cookies, and cookies make the perfect thing to bring to any Halloween party. You can make a lot, and they are fairly easy. Here are some great Disney Halloween Cookies for you to make!

Disney Halloween Cupcakes

In our house, I'm not sure we've met a cupcake we didn't like. We LOVE cupcakes,, and they are our go-to for most parties.

Disney Halloween Rice Crispy Treats

Rice Crispy Treats are also a kid and party favorite, and you'll love these Disney Halloween rice crispy treats.

Disney Halloween Drinks

t wouldn't be Halloween without cocktails and drinks inspired by our favorite Disney Villians.

Disney Halloween Treats

We're not done! We found even more Disney-inspired treats for you to make this Halloween.

Have you made any fun Disney treats for Halloween? 

More Disney At Home Fun:

Easy Halloween Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Cupcakes

Easy Halloween Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Cupcakes

When I think of Disney and Halloween, I think of one thing – MICKEY PUMPKINS! The Magic Kingdom is covered in Mickey Pumpkins this time of year and they are my favorite thing! When I got home from a fall trip to Walt Disney World a few years, I was inspired to make my own Mickey Pumpkins but editable ones. So cupcakes it was, and that's how we ended up with these adorable Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Cupcakes, that are perfect Disney treats for Halloween parties.

What You Need to Make Mickey Pumpkins Cupcakes

All you need to make these cupcakes are the following ingredients:

Micky Mouse Pumpkin Cupcake Ingredients

How to Make Mickey Pumpkin Cupcakes

These are super simple to make, even the kids can make them. The first thing you need to do is bake your cupcakes according to the package directions. Once they are baked and cooled you need to make your icing, unless you are using can icing. We made the homemade buttercream because it’s our favorite!

Once your icing is made, put it in your decorator bag with the star tip. Next, put some Tootsie Rolls and candy melts in bowls to make it easier. Now it’s time to decorate your cupcakes.

Decorating Your Mickey Pumpkin Cupcakes

Ice your cupcake in a circular pattern going counter-clockwise starting on the outer edge and going towards the center like you are making a spiral-type design.

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Cupcakes Step 1

Next place the candy melt to make the ears of your Mickey Pumpkin.

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Cupcakes Step 2

Then put a Tootsie Roll in between your Mickey's ears, this is the “stem” of your pumpkin

Mickey Pumpkin Cupcakes

That’s it, I told you it was super simple!

70+  Cute Winnie the Pooh Party Ideas

70+ Cute Winnie the Pooh Party Ideas

Winne the Pooh has been a favorite of mine since I was little. Like most kids, Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Christopher Robin, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, and all of our friends from the 100 Acre Wood are cherished friends. This list of Winnie the Pooh party ideas is full of food, crafts, party decorations, and fun that will be great for a baby shower, a first birthday party, or any celebration!

Winnie the Pooh Party Foods

You can't have a party without cute, delicious themed food. Some cute Winnie the Pooh party food ideas I have seen that celebrate the different pooh characters are:

  • Tigger Tails aka Cheetos
  • Rabbit's Garden, aka a veggie tray
  • Rabbit's Carrot Patch, aka strawberries covered in orange chocolate
  • Honeycombs, aka Honeycomb Cereal
  • Piglets in a Blanket, aka pigs (cocktail sausages) in a blanket (crescent rolls).
  • Hundred Acer Wood acorns, aka mini nutter butter cookies, Nutella, and Hershey kisses.
  • Eyore's House Stix, aka pretzel sticks

Winnie the Pooh Party Decorations

Party decorations make the party! These Winnie the Pooh Party Decorations are adorable and perfect for any party! One of my favorite party decorations for a Winnie the Pooh-themed party is using a Winnie the Pooh Book!

Winnie the Pooh Party Favors

Send guests home with the perfect party favor to remember your Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower or Birthday Party! My favorite party favor I have seen is little jars of honey!